This Centuries-Old Musical Instrument Sounds Exactly Like Super Mario

Listen to this young girl playing her sheng, a Chinese instrument invented thousands of years ago. The woodwind may be ancient, but the sound is pure 1980s nostalgia—it's the Super Mario Brothers theme, right down to the sounds of Mario collecting coins and mushrooms. Amazing! » 2/22/14 12:07pm 2/22/14 12:07pm

Finally, A Super Mario Game We Can All Be Excited About

It's been a while since a new Super Mario Bros. game looked amazing. Agree? We all respect the New Super Mario Bros. games, right? They're classic... like Nintendo just baked a great new loaf of bread. Refined... like Nintendo just wrote a new sonnet. But exciting? Not really. That's where November's new Mario comes… » 10/03/13 3:26pm 10/03/13 3:26pm

Play a Game of Mushroom Kingdoms on this Super Mario map of Westeros

When you play the Game of Mushroom Kingdoms, you find the princess or you die. Redditor titan413 posted this map of Westeros as a Mario Bros. World map, including the Boos beyond the Wall, Koopsterly Rock, and Highgarden Castle, home to the Knight of Fire Flowers. So does this mean the Dothraki ride Yoshis? » 7/07/12 7:30am 7/07/12 7:30am