Play a Game of Mushroom Kingdoms on this Super Mario map of Westeros

When you play the Game of Mushroom Kingdoms, you find the princess or you die. Redditor titan413 posted this map of Westeros as a Mario Bros. World map, including the Boos beyond the Wall, Koopsterly Rock, and Highgarden Castle, home to the Knight of Fire Flowers. So does this mean the Dothraki ride Yoshis? » 7/07/12 7:30am 7/07/12 7:30am

Insane and magical photos a father created of his daughters

All parents love to take photos of their children, but photographer Jason Lee goes one step further, manipulating photos of his two daughters to create magical scenes. Through the whimsical power of his camera and computer, he transforms the girls into princesses, video game heroes, and other mystical beings. » 4/22/12 11:00am 4/22/12 11:00am

Is Obi-Wan Kenobi the toughest Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars Universe?

This week, the Regular Show comes to Saturday Morning Cartoons and John Belushi returns from the dead! Clone Wars heats up with a trial to test Obi-Wan's undercover bounty hunter skills as well - minor spoilers ahead! » 2/04/12 7:00am 2/04/12 7:00am

This episode shows us all what happens when we keep the anger in, pressing it down a…

How does Nintendo protect the image of their saintly plumber? A Super…

In his new book Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, Jeff Ryan examines the history of the video game manufacturer using the company's unassuming corporate logo Super Mario. We spoke with Ryan about how Nintendo has crafted this de facto global video game spokesman, who's become venerated by millions. » 8/28/11 8:00am 8/28/11 8:00am

Dennis Hopper with a Deevolution Machine — What Could Go Wrong?

The curse of videogame movies goes far beyond the horror of Uwe "Bloodreign" Boll's oeuvre. The Super Mario Bros. movie, made in the early 1990s and starring the most unlikely Bros ever: Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo. The filmmakers took a lot of liberties in adapting the videogame, creating a parallel Earth where… » 4/15/08 5:10pm 4/15/08 5:10pm