Why a Supervillain Team-Up Could Be DC's Best Answer to The Avengers

DC Comics may never build a movie universe to rival Marvel's. We may never even get our Justice League movie to match Marvel's Avengers. But there's one thing DC can do better than anyone: supervillain team-ups. » 7/06/11 2:53pm 7/06/11 2:53pm

So What Happened To All Those Dark Knight Imitators?

It's been over a year since The Dark Knight made a billion dollars and revolutionized genre cinema. At the time, everyone said we'd be seeing a spate of Dark Knight-influenced "dark" superhero films. So are any of them still happening? » 9/03/09 12:30pm 9/03/09 12:30pm

I feel like there were other "dark" superhero movie ideas being tossed…

Warner's New Superhero Movie Sounds Like Suicide

Warner Bros. have announced plans for a Suicide Squad movie, based on the DC Comics series, leading us to wonder whether we're slowly hearing about a Marvel-esque cross-movie franchise plan from the studio. » 2/27/09 7:30am 2/27/09 7:30am

What Movie Will Be The Next Dark Knight?

Click to view » 10/15/08 5:00pm 10/15/08 5:00pmEven if hadn't broken sales records - and proved a superhero movie could make you think - there would still be a spandex avalanche coming our way in the next few years. But now, it's inevitable that every one of those films will be compared to . Will any of them measure up? Is this even a fair standard…

Secrets Of Super Max's Prison And Terminator 4's Killing Machines

The playing field between humans and machines has never been slantier, judging from new spoilers about the new and deadly Terminators in Terminator 4 » 8/19/08 6:00am 8/19/08 6:00am and the automated super-prison that Green Arrow gets locked inside in . We also learn a little bit more about the backstories of killer super-car movie and killer…

Only Big-Name Villains For Supermax

Click to view » 8/15/08 10:05am 8/15/08 10:05amFor everyone waiting to see the Riddler show up in the sequel to , you're probably going to have a long wait coming. But that doesn't mean that he won't get his day in the cinematic sun - He's just one of the supervillains being lined up to appear in Warner Bros' planned Green Arrow Prison Break movie.The…

Trapped In A Shape-Shifting Prison Full Of Supervillains

Superhero movies' best writer is taking the genre someplace it's never been before: a maximum security prison. David Goyer (Batman Begins) is working on Super Max, a movie stuffed to the brim with comic book baddies. Super Max follows the Green Arrow's fall from grace and grueling experience in a super-prison. » 5/19/08 4:05pm 5/19/08 4:05pm