If President Obama could choose a superpower, what would he choose?

Nearly everyone has asked themselves the question at some point: If I could have one superpower, which one would I choose? Flight? Invisibility? Superstrength? Telekinesis? But what about our current Commander-in-Chief? Would he select a superpower that would help him in his current political office, or something that… » 8/18/12 7:30am 8/18/12 7:30am

In webcomic Darkness, a lonely guy must neutralize his roommate's…

Have you ever met a guy who embodies darkness? A man whose shirt is always half unbuttoned, whose disheveled hair blows in the nonexistent wind, and who is accompanied by a melodramatic caption box? A fellow whose vampire-esque brooding has women flinging themselves at him from halfway across the block? Jonas is just… » 2/04/12 8:30am 2/04/12 8:30am

Chinese boy claims he can see in the pitch-dark

As with pyrokinetics and human magnets, a heaping dose of skepticism is requisite when one hears that a little boy possesses superhuman night vision. According to this news report posted by the Alien Disclosure Group UK — promisingly titled "Alien Hybrid Or Starchild Discovered In China?" — Nong Youhui of southern… » 1/26/12 6:35am 1/26/12 6:35am

A gallery of biotech devices that could give you superpowers right now

Biotechnology now outpaces the bodies we were born with. Today, we can give ourselves additional senses or improve the ones we've got, and we can heighten our strength while also building limbs better than the breakable ones most of us have. Here's a gallery of all the human enhancements that will be improving lives… » 7/21/11 8:00am 7/21/11 8:00am