In roiling seas, Navy laser sets a ship on fire

A Navy laser set fire to a small ship bobbing in unruly seas this week, the first at-sea demonstration of one of the Navy's ray guns. Check out the Navy's video of a fire slowly consuming the inflatable boat's outboard motors. » 4/09/11 8:30am 4/09/11 8:30am

The US military's heat ray weapon is now in Afghanistan

The Active Denial System, an invisible heat ray that induces a painful burning sensation on human skin, has joined US marines in Afghanistan. Unlike the smaller, 750-foot-ranged Silent Guardian, the ADS can emit heat beams over 1,640 feet. [BBC] » 7/17/10 4:30pm 7/17/10 4:30pm

You Never Want To Stare Down The Barrel Of The Atomic Cannon

The nuclear cannon dubbed "Atomic Annie" fires a 280 millimeter nuclear artillery shell packing 15 kilotons of explosive force, in this breathtaking image from 1953's Operation Upshot-Knothole in Nevada. Check out more images from our only nuclear artillery test. » 12/28/09 2:30pm 12/28/09 2:30pm

Destroy All Planets with the Best Scifi Superweapons

Let's face it, there are times when something like a laser pistol, a fancy light-up sword, or the ability to crush people with your mind just won't get the trick done. When you're commanding an entire fleet of ships hell-bent on invasion, you need a weapon that'll really get things done. In the world of scienceā€¦ » 1/03/08 11:00am 1/03/08 11:00am