Simon Pegg's Next Alien Friend May Film At Comic-Con

Simon Pegg may be making one or two new alien friends as Scotty in Star Trek, but we haven't seen his greatest alien encounter. He's just about to start filming his alien buddy comedy Paul. » 5/07/09 10:45am 5/07/09 10:45am

Time To Lose Interest In Green Hornet

Get ready to be disappointed in the upcoming Green Hornet movie. Stephen Chow, the one man who could make us overlook Seth Rogen's stoner parody schtick, has announced that he'll no longer be directing it. » 12/19/08 7:30am 12/19/08 7:30am

Simon Pegg's Alien Comedy Starts At Comic-Con... Then It Gets Weirder

Simon "Scotty" Pegg is set to star in another science fiction movie, a comedy called Paul » 11/13/08 10:20am 11/13/08 10:20am directed by helmer Greg Mottola. Pegg and frequent costar Nick Frost will play two slackers who go to San Diego Comic-Con and then decide to take a road trip to Area 51. There, they meet a small alien named Paul, who needs their…