How a Supercomputer Helps Fight Flies That Ravage Crops for 700 Million People

Ever hear of whiteflies? They’re the color of snowflakes and practically as tiny, but they’re global plant-killers. One of their favorite snacks is the cassava, a root that’s a crucial staple food for 700 million people worldwide. But one computational biologist and her team are on a mission to save the cassava from… »10/16/15 10:40am10/16/15 10:40am


IBM’s Sequoia crushes all other supercomputers in new ranking

Step aside, Fujitsu K — there's a new king of the mountain, and its name is Sequoia. For the first time in three years, an American-built device has taken top spot in a ranking of the 500 most powerful supercomputers. Developed by IBM, Sequoia will be used to – get ready for the letdown – carry out simulations to… »6/18/12 4:39pm6/18/12 4:39pm