Supercomputer simulates nuclear explosion down to the molecular level

Treaties forbid the detonation of nuclear test weapons — which creates problems for national defense developers who need to efficiently certify the effectiveness of their arsenal. Luckily for them, a powerful new supercomputer is now able to replicate the physical impact of nuclear explosions — albeit digitally. And… » 6/06/12 4:30pm 6/06/12 4:30pm

Astrophysicists Produce First Realistic Simulation of Milky Way's…

Astrophysicists have been trying for nearly two decades to produce a model capable of simulating the genesis of a spiral galaxy — the class of flat, rotating disk galaxies to which our own Milky Way belongs. And now, they've finally done it. » 8/26/11 5:44pm 8/26/11 5:44pm