R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen, star of Forbidden Planet and numerous science…

Leslie Nielsen, who died last night, helped to pioneer the science fiction genre on screen when he starred in Forbidden Planet. And then he helped lampoon that genre in countless spoof movies, including 2001: A Space Travesty. » 11/29/10 6:20am 11/29/10 6:20am

Supressed "Fanboys" Movie May Get a Release After All

Apparently, fan karma is in full swing right now. Following the second cancellation of Jericho despite attempts by fans to sway CBS, the nerds win one with the news that the original version of Fanboys, complete with dying-nerd subplot, will see the light of day after all as a result of fan activity, boycotts and...… » 3/26/08 1:30pm 3/26/08 1:30pm

Hancock And Superhero Movie Will Bring The Pain

Two new movies will make make fun of superheroes this year, but neither one will actually have anything interesting to say about the eminently mockable genre, judging from the latest info. David Zucker's Superhero Movie will stick to sight-gags about well-known characters and serve up dumb innuendo, judging from this… » 3/20/08 6:30am 3/20/08 6:30am

If This Movie Makes A Fortune, Humans Are Doomed

The Weinstein Company released the final movie poster for Superhero Movie today, and it features Pamela Anderson's boobs, Leslie Nielsen wearing a "With Great Power Comes Hot Bitches" sweater, and not one but two penis jokes (check out Storm's lightning and Dragonfly's popcorn). We're all for parodying superheroes and… » 2/29/08 9:33am 2/29/08 9:33am

Wedgies Are The New Superpower

Are Leslie Nielsen and David Zucker funny anymore? Maybe you'll have an answer after watching the trailer for Superhero Movie, an attempt to make Scary Movie for comic book flicks. High school student Rick Riker gets bitten by a radioactive dragonfly, and develops powers similar to Spidey's, along with an apparent… » 2/12/08 9:40am 2/12/08 9:40am