What You Can Learn About Computer Science from Superman III

In Superman III, Richard Pryor plays a man who answers an ad for computer progamming classes on the back of a matchbox, and winds up becoming such a brilliant computer whiz that he brings the entire world to its knees. And now at last, Den of Geek has uncovered his secrets. » 10/23/13 3:20pm 10/23/13 3:20pm

Best and Worst Movie Threequels of All Time

When it comes to movie series, the third time is definitely not the charm. Some of the best movies ever made are the second films in a franchise — but it's a rare third film that achieves true greatness. This Friday sees the release of Men in Black III, and everybody's wondering if it can be better than the… » 5/23/12 11:00am 5/23/12 11:00am

Most Embarrassing Deleted Scenes from Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

We heard about all the scenes that were cut from Star Wars for years. And then, with the Blu-ray release, we finally got to see all of them... and we learned just why they were cut in the first place. » 9/23/11 1:11pm 9/23/11 1:11pm

One possible explanation for the Gulf oil spill: Did someone tug on…

Superman's turned nasty, in this awesome clip from Superman III, and this leads to him getting some action with a hot blonde who's "past saving." But first she wants him to cause a sexy, shiny oil spill in the Atlantic. » 5/20/10 5:30pm 5/20/10 5:30pm

Why Are Movie Threequels Always So Terrible?

Movie sequels that don't suck are rare creatures — like flying unicorns — but they do exist. But it's almost impossible to find an example of a third movie in a series that didn't self-immolate. Why is that? » 7/07/09 4:04pm 7/07/09 4:04pm