First Teaser for the Epic Documentary About Nic Cage's Superman Lives

Of all the doomed Superman projects leading up to Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, the oddest might be the Nic Cage-starring, Tim Burton-directed, disco-tinged Superman Lives. We dissected the majesty of the movie's screenplay before, but here's your first glimpse of the documentary. Featuring Cage himself! »8/31/13 2:30pm8/31/13 2:30pm

Proof That Superman Lives Would Have Made Batman & Robin Look Like The Dark Knight

We all know that we were once very close to getting a Superman movie directed by Tim Burton and starring Nic Cage, titled Superman Lives. We've heard legends -– that it was based on the Death of Superman storyline, that Superman's outfit was radically redesigned, that it would have been godawful, etc. »2/01/13 5:20pm2/01/13 5:20pm

Do you want a documentary about Tim Burton and Nic Cage's insane Superman Lives movie? (Yes, yes you do)

That small piggybank of change you've been setting aside for the next awesome Kickstarter project you hear about? Bust that bad boy open. Director, editor and Adult Swim all-star Jon Schnepp wants to make a documentary about Superman Lives, the absolutely insane, doomed Superman movie Tim Burton was set to make in… »1/25/13 7:00pm1/25/13 7:00pm