The Forgotten Gadget That Powered The Industrial Revolution

Recently, a group of students at Purdue University used a simple device to make a ping-pong ball break the speed of sound. But that's not the coolest part. The device they used, called a de Laval nozzle, is actually centuries old. It's no exaggeration to call this the gadget that made the industrial revolution… »2/18/13 2:44pm2/18/13 2:44pm


Watch Felix Baumgartner reattempt his supersonic Space Jump [Updated: Jump was a success!]

Skydiver Felix Baumgartner wasn't able to attempt his record-setting jump last week on account of the weather. He tries again today, and you can follow his mission live on YouTube. His capsule was expected to launch at 11 AM ET (Update: Doors have opened and he's preparing to jump!), so keep your eyes and ears on… »10/14/12 10:30am10/14/12 10:30am