This Nefarious Webcomic Evildoer Is Every Bond Villain Rolled Into One

The titular supervillain of Richard Sala's deliciously over-the-top crime webcomic, Super-Enigmatix, is the puppet master behind most of the world's crime. He can make dogs attack their owners or place human-eating plants in the local botanical gardens—and he's always surrounded by beautiful henchwomen. Can he be… » 7/23/14 9:00am 7/23/14 9:00am

How much does it cost to be an unbeatable evil overlord?

Peter Anspach's "The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord" is required reading for anyone hoping to enter the growing field of supervillainry. But how much does it cost to be a successful and rational evil overlord? » 5/27/12 5:00pm 5/27/12 5:00pm

Wonderella is the superhero you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy

If Wonder Woman were crabby, selfish, and generally bad at her job, she'd be Wonderella, the boozy "heroine" of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. She has mommy issues, tells dick jokes galore, rap battles Jesus Christ, and occasionally saves the day. » 10/02/10 11:00am 10/02/10 11:00am

Latest "Despicable Me" Trailer Packed With Orphans, Kitties And Tiny…

Mad scientist kiddie flick Despicable Me has a new trailer that showcases Steve Carell's vocal talents as baddie Gru - and orphans. Why? Perhaps because orphans can do the one thing non-Pixar animation can't, like elicit emotion? » 3/24/10 4:45pm 3/24/10 4:45pm

Accidental Supervillain on Trial for Causing Earthquakes

Markus Haering probably didn't intend to emulate Lex Luthor when his company's drilling triggered a series of minor earthquakes. But the geothermal energy mogul is up on criminal charges for his earth-shaking exploits. » 12/15/09 2:40pm 12/15/09 2:40pm

Prequel Comic Reveals Dr. Horrible's Childhood Origins

Where do singing supervillains come from? A preview of Zack Whedon's Dr. Horrible prequel comic reveals how a childhood incident inspired a brainy kid to don that evil lab coat and goggles. » 11/05/09 2:40pm 11/05/09 2:40pm

Listen to Dr. Horrible's Batman-Fighting Musical Number

Neil Patrick Harris is up to his old singing supervillainy, this time as the Music Meister on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Listen to his first nefarious number, where he forces the show's heroes and villains to sing along. » 10/08/09 3:20pm 10/08/09 3:20pm

Singing Supervillains Perform Their Diabolical Numbers

Dr. Horrible may have won the Internet’s heart, but he’s hardly the only supervillain with a penchant for bursting into song. We list some of the other villainous vocalists conquering the world with music. » 12/18/08 2:00pm 12/18/08 2:00pm

The Tragic Beginning of Dr. Horrible

Today you can watch the final act of online supervillain musical Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, before the entire tale disappears from the interwebz on Sunday at midnight. Though the first and second acts were sweet and goofy, show creator Joss Whedon managed to make this final installment genuinely upsetting. Dr.… » 7/19/08 2:00pm 7/19/08 2:00pm

Evil Drag Queens Will Transplant Your Penis Onto A Rich Dude

Forget kidneys and livers. Evil drag queens have raised the science of organ transplantation to an artform, encompassing sexy long legs, genitalia and even "manginas." Who needs to worry about tissue rejection when you can look so irresistible?

It's all in RuPaul's new movie masterpiece Starrbooty, newly out on DVD. » 11/13/07 8:49am 11/13/07 8:49am