Real-Life Locations That Would Make Badass Supervillain Lairs

If you're a supervillain, one thing you need to think long and hard about is real estate. Where can you store all of your evil gadgets? How can you stay off of a superhero's radar while remaining comfy? Where will the minions live? We have a few ideas based on real places from around the world. » 1/21/14 3:14pm 1/21/14 3:14pm

What supervillain scheme would you like to see in real life?

While some supervillains are out to kill half the world and enslave the other half, many so-called evil masterminds have come up with plots that are more amusing than nefarious—and a few might even benefit humanity. Whose scheme would you like to see play out in the real world? » 1/15/14 2:00pm 1/15/14 2:00pm

What's the worst example of a badass who got wimpified?

This happens all the time. A character, or an entire civilization, are built up as being unstoppable and crushingly awesome. And then... the enwimpening. The most unstoppable force in the universe has a really simple weakness. Or the greatest fighter turns out to crumble under pressure. What's your least favorite… » 6/13/13 2:00pm 6/13/13 2:00pm

A mash-up of real-life bad guys with comic supervillains

A quick review of history shows that fiction ain't got nothin' on real life. We've had our fair share of disturbingly diabolical cold-blooded killers, whether they be a dictator, an elusive serial killer lurking around the corner, or a scheming white collar criminal. Recognizing the role these figures play in our… » 2/22/13 6:20am 2/22/13 6:20am

18 Bad Guys Who Were Way Too Easy to Defeat

When your hero gets to the final boss scene in a movie or TV series, you want to see some serious action. Maybe there's a Rocky-style moment where the good guy almost gets snuffed, but then rallies. Hopefully somebody actually dies (farewell, Wash!) or loses a limb. There should be punching, stabbing, exploding,… » 2/15/13 10:51am 2/15/13 10:51am

This Hugo-winning author is also the most dangerous villain on the…

David D. Levine has been many things, including Hugo-winning short story writer and Martian explorer — but now he's taking on a new role: supervillain. Check out this brand new Dr. Horrible-esque video, in which he delivers a "Letter to the Editor" from the supervillain Dr. Talon, from his story in the anthology The Mad … » 1/24/13 10:38am 1/24/13 10:38am