Incredible close-up photos of animals' eyes

Suren Manvelyan's macroscopic photos of the human eyes amazed us with their resemblance to a Martian landscape. His photos of various animals' eyes reveal the varied alien planets shining in their irises. » 6/03/12 2:00pm 6/03/12 2:00pm

Tiger python Caiman Fish Hyena Discus fish Blue-yellow macaw parrot Chimpanzee

Extreme close-ups of human eyes look like craters on Mars

Look at this weird, forbidding landscape — it's not a newly discovered cave system on Mars, it's a microscope image of a human eye. Suren Manvelyan's arresting photographs will make you never want to stare into someone's eyes again. » 12/31/10 7:00am 12/31/10 7:00am