io9 Book Club reminder: Meeting 5/3 to discuss "Surface Detail"

The io9 Book Club meets once per month to discuss a book, and then the author usually joins us for a chat. In May, we're meeting on the 3rd to discuss Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks. Watch for a post that day announcing the book club, and jump into comments for discussion! There's still time to read the book, too. » 4/20/11 3:02pm 4/20/11 3:02pm

In Iain M. Banks' Surface Detail, a real war over virtual Hells

Iain M. Banks' new novel, Surface Detail, is some of the best work he's done in his galaxy-spanning Culture universe. A story of virtual Hell and true resurrection, it's about the consequences of technology that makes religious afterlives possible. » 10/19/10 12:40pm 10/19/10 12:40pm

Welcome to the Culture, the Galactic Civilization That Iain M. Banks…

Want to get into Iain M. Banks' great Culture series? Here's a handy primer that will introduce you to the Culture, the pan-galactic civilization whose members and ex-members are the subjects of so many Banks novels, including Surface Detail. » 10/13/10 3:30pm 10/13/10 3:30pm