What the game of Operation would look like in the Middle Ages

Feast your eyes on a gruesome "wound man" from London's Wellcome Library's collection of medieval anatomy diagrams. This above wound man hails from the 1400s and offers all sorts of valuable advice on how to remove swords from his torso and extremities. And here are a few more of his colleagues from 1420-1430s Germany »9/03/12 4:25pm9/03/12 4:25pm

After 25 years trapped in woman's stomach, lost pen still writes

Here's a reason to leave any and all tonsil examinations up to the professionals. From an article last year in the journal BMJ Case Reports comes this anecdote about a woman who managed to keep a pen marinating in her gut for a quarter-century until doctors plucked it out. Report the authors, who are physicians in… »7/19/12 4:55pm7/19/12 4:55pm