Could a captive tornado power an entire city?

The Thiel Foundation's Breakout Labs recently announced its plans to fund a radical new approach to producing cheap and clean energy. Called the Atmospheric Vortex Engine (AVE), the highly conceptual power plant would generate a controlled tornado that drives multiple turbines. With controlled being the key word, here. » 12/26/12 3:30pm 12/26/12 3:30pm

Could stunt kites be the future of wind energy?

The idea of harnessing the energy from wind by using ground-based stations linked up to atmospheric turbines is gaining traction. Trouble is, they're expensive, unwieldy, and prey to low winds. Moreover, why go to all the trouble of building massive wind turbines when something much simpler exists? Such is the… » 11/06/12 2:40pm 11/06/12 2:40pm