RIP Wes Craven, Iconic Director of Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream

Iconic horror director Wes Craven died today aged 76, of brain cancer. In addition to creating the character of Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street and the most famous meta-horror franchise with Scream, he also directed People Under the Stairs, Swamp Thing, and The Hills Have Eyes. » 8/30/15 6:38pm Sunday 6:38pm

Which came first? Swamp Thing or Man-Thing?

In a way this amounts to a trick question, because The Heap, which debuted in a 1942 edition of Airboy Comics, beat them both by thirty years. Evidently the comics have long had an affinity for anthropomorphic swamp monsters and, even in regard to their own signature sentient peat bogs, neither DC nor Marvel got the… » 4/29/14 11:17am 4/29/14 11:17am

Why does The Joker want to kill all of Batman's best friends? Scott Snyder explains

On the opening day of New York Comic Con, Batman and Swamp Thing scribe Scott Snyder caught up with io9 to discuss Death of a Family, a new story about The Joker exacting revenge on the Dark Knight's pals. (Also, The Joker's face has been completely carved off and affixed to his head with a belt. He really must stop… » 10/11/12 3:30pm 10/11/12 3:30pm

This short film is the next best thing to a new Swamp Thing movie

Here's Gloam, a visual effects piece by David Elwell & Gareth Hughes. With nary a word, the filmmakers communicates how living in the forest as an antlered wood-beast is not particularly conducive to making new friends. Also, the creature's design bears a resemblance to Swamp Thing's recent sartorial shift, so roll… » 10/02/12 9:20am 10/02/12 9:20am

The deranged 1989 Swamp Thing PSA, wherein our hero berates children

Around the time The Return of the Swamp Thing hit theaters in 1989, the mossy hero collaborated with Greenpeace on this bizarre anti-littering public service announcement. I'm pretty sure Swamp Thing used his eco-powers to transform those children into peat mummies once the cameras stopped rolling. » 2/15/12 8:25am 2/15/12 8:25am

In Wednesday's comics, Swamp Thing returns and Spider-Man ponders his own mortality

Wednesday's comics are a Whitman's Sampler of superheroes going through profound life changes that require the guidance of a certified mental health professional. Do superheroes have therapists? I always assumed Alfred and Jarvis psychoanalyzed Batman and Tony Stark, respectively. » 6/21/11 9:00am 6/21/11 9:00am