Why does The Joker want to kill all of Batman's best friends? Scott…

On the opening day of New York Comic Con, Batman and Swamp Thing scribe Scott Snyder caught up with io9 to discuss Death of a Family, a new story about The Joker exacting revenge on the Dark Knight's pals. (Also, The Joker's face has been completely carved off and affixed to his head with a belt. He really must stop… » 10/11/12 3:30pm 10/11/12 3:30pm

This short film is the next best thing to a new Swamp Thing movie

Here's Gloam, a visual effects piece by David Elwell & Gareth Hughes. With nary a word, the filmmakers communicates how living in the forest as an antlered wood-beast is not particularly conducive to making new friends. Also, the creature's design bears a resemblance to Swamp Thing's recent sartorial shift, so roll with … » 10/02/12 9:20am 10/02/12 9:20am

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