These Tiny Little Robots Are Helping Us Understand the Science of Swarms

Have you met the Kilobot? It’s small, simple, inexpensive—not the most impressive robot, on its own. But the Kilobot wasn’t made to work alone, or even in twos or threes. No, where the Kilobot really thrives is in groups. Since 2010, the size of the group in which it cooperates has steadily grown, and with it the… »7/22/15 9:00pm7/22/15 9:00pm


Watch a swarm of aquatic robots assemble into an emergency water-bridge

The idea of creating autonomous robotic swarms is nothing new, a concept that's been demonstrated by GRASP Lab's quadrotors. What needs to happen now is for developers to push the technology forward and come up with practical applications for these cooperative bots. A good example is the new Tactically Expandable… »2/28/13 2:20pm2/28/13 2:20pm