How We'll Swear in the Future

Every culture has its swear words, nasty and highly offensive terms that pack a powerful punch when we're not in polite company. But many of our swear words have diminished in potency over time, a sure sign of their ever-changing nature. Here's how you can expect to be swearing in the future. » 11/12/13 12:48pm 11/12/13 12:48pm

A brief history of four letter words

"Scumbag," sounds like the kind of hokey insult that would get you laughed at if you used it. When it was used in a New York Times, it got protests from some older readers, because once upon a time it meant "a used condom." Think about every time you've seen Batman refer, in children's cartoon, to criminals as scum, and… » 5/24/12 6:30pm 5/24/12 6:30pm