This incredible image reveals two galaxies that orbit the Milky Way

Just as planets orbit Suns, galaxies can orbit each other. Now, NASA has created some unprecedented images of two such galaxies in the Milky Way's orbit, known as the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC and SMC). Here, you have an incredible view of these galaxies beneath the plane of the Milky Way. » 6/04/13 11:26am 6/04/13 11:26am

NASA finds evidence of a new black hole in our galaxy

This is really exciting news. On Friday, NASA announced that its Swift satellite had found evidence of a new black hole inside the Milky Way galaxy. The evidence? A newly formed X-Ray nova, what NASA's, Neil Gehrels calls a "once-a-mission event," near the center of our galaxy. » 10/08/12 4:22pm 10/08/12 4:22pm