Finally, Dudes Can Wear An Awesome R2-D2 Swimsuit Too

Black Milk's Star Wars-themed swimwear — their R2-D2 one-piece in particular — have been all the nerd rage for women for years now. But where have the men's swimsuits been? Someone has finally corrected this grave injustice with these new trunks! » 3/25/14 6:25am 3/25/14 6:25am

The first bikini that can truly be called both Mighty and Morphin'

I hate it when Hot Topic makes something brilliant, but this Pink Power Ranger bikini is admittedly kind of brilliant. I foresee a great many nerd girls picking this up, perhaps posting photos of themselves wearing it on the Internet, and causing a great deal of stupid arguments about whether they're "real nerds" or… » 3/13/13 8:40am 3/13/13 8:40am