Watch a fleet of flying robots assemble a 20-foot indoor tower

On December 2 in Orléans, France, a crew of four quadrocopters assembled a six-meter-tall tower using 1,500 foam blocks as part of the FRAC Centre's "Flight Assembled Architecture" exhibit. The project was a collaboration was helmed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, whose researchers had… »12/03/11 11:05am12/03/11 11:05am

Google Maps discovers mysterious sky creatures in Switzerland

Along a lonely stretch of road in Quarten, Switzerland, two strange figures and/or camera smudges survey the terrain, planning nefarious and/or blurry machinations. The figures follow the camera as it travels down the road. Some commenters on Reddit are claiming this is a gateway to Valhalla, but I'm of the mind that… »11/19/11 7:45pm11/19/11 7:45pm

Actual robot sportscaster could replace robot-like human sportscasters

If you've been convinced for years that John Madden has been replaced by an iPod filled with generic football commentary, you might be excited to learn that Switzerland's Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne has been working on an even more advanced version. This one is equipped with artificial intelligence so it… »11/12/11 3:25pm11/12/11 3:25pm