The Secret History of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Amazing Barbarian, Beastwizard!

Just like a Terminator coming from the future to kill you, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles excelled in catching us off guard. You might have thought you knew what an ongoing television series based on the first two Terminator movies was, but then you'd be surprised. » 8/17/11 3:01pm 8/17/11 3:01pm

10 profound life lessons you can learn from Conan the Barbarian

All of the aphorisms in cinema, perhaps the most galvanizing is Conan the Barbarian's assessment of what is best in life. Crushing enemies and hearing lamentations of women may just be the go-getter's version of "early to bed, early to rise," but it certainly helped Conan slay men the size of Tony Robbins. » 8/17/11 10:00am 8/17/11 10:00am

A brief history of the ancient science of sword making

The sword is the perennial symbol of empires, knighthood, chivalry and fantasy. But it's also one of the world's most ancient technologies, connected with breakthroughs in metallurgy that would change the world. There are even some types of ancient swords so strong that modern science still can't determine how they… » 8/17/11 9:07am 8/17/11 9:07am