Everything You Never Knew About The Making of Conan The Barbarian

What is best in life? Seeing a classic sword-and-sorcery hero brought to the big screen, with an iconic bodybuilder in the lead role. But how did Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian become such a classic film? The path to glory was long and twisted. Here's everything you never knew about the making of Conan. »2/17/15 4:00pm2/17/15 4:00pm


A veteran monster-hunter faces one last challenge, in an excerpt from Saladin Ahmed's fantasy debut

Saladin Ahmed has been a finalist for the Nebula and Campbell Awards, and now at last his debut fantasy novel, Throne of the Crescent Moon, is here. Check out the prologue and first chapter of the book, in which the last great Ghul-hunter faces the fact that he might just be getting too old for this life. »2/17/12 7:40pm2/17/12 7:40pm