What the Sydney Opera House almost looked like, and other alternative monuments

In 1758, 48 years before Napoleon commissioned the Arc de Triomphe, the architect Charles-François Ribart proposed constructing an elephant-shaped building on the very site where the future arc would stand. It's just one of the many possible alternatives for the familiar landmarks we see today. »9/29/12 12:00pm9/29/12 12:00pm

With the Golden…

In The Future, Brian Eno Will Squirt Crazy Juice Directly Onto Your Retinas

The Sydney Opera House finally achieves its destiny of looking like a space cruiser being eaten by the jealous gods of hyperspace, in an art installation by musical superfreak Brian Eno. The U2/Devo producer blasted some of his tie-dye-esque art onto the walls in an installation called "77 Million Paintings." »5/28/09 3:40pm5/28/09 3:40pm