The Things People Did To Fight Syphilis Were Utterly Horrifying

Syphilis, today, is minor and treatable. In the past, though, it was an incurable diseases that caused insanity, rotting flesh, and death. It's understandable that nations took drastic measures to try to stop it — but their efforts resulted in a 400-year reign of terror. » 3/17/15 10:54am 3/17/15 10:54am

Completely deranged sex education movie turns syphilis into Dracula…

The Return of Count Spirochete was a 1970s educational film that warned kids about the dangers of doing it. This surreal cartoon depicted syphilis as a vampire and gonorrhea as an evil pitchfork-wielding demon who climbs in your urethra. » 12/13/10 2:52pm 12/13/10 2:52pm