Disturbing Satellite Images Show How The Lights Have Gone Out In Syria

The ongoing civil war in Syria is literally sending the country back to the dark ages. New satellite imagery reveals that 83% of nighttime illumination has disappeared in Syria since the start of the four-year conflict that has claimed the lives of 200,000 people and displaced nearly half its population. » 3/12/15 6:20am 3/12/15 6:20am

Turkish Forces Enter Into Syria To Save A Sacred 780-Year-Old Artifact

In an effort to rescue 38 soldiers and the remains of Suleyman Shah — the "grandfather of the Ottoman Empire" — from ISIS forces, Turkey yesterday dispatched hundreds of soldiers, tanks, aircraft, and drones to a tomb in Syria. » 2/23/15 9:30am 2/23/15 9:30am

How Clone Wars Explains the Big Problems With Modern Warfare

Now that America's long war is getting longer, it's worth getting some outside perspective on what that war's all about, with all its twists and pitfalls. In short, it's worth asking George Lucas. » 9/12/14 5:12pm 9/12/14 5:12pm

A 9,000-year-old "ritual wand" has been discovered in Syria

A Neolithic era staff engraved with two realistic human faces has been discovered near a graveyard where some 30 people were buried without their heads. Archaeologists are now trying to determine what the ancient Syrians used it for. » 3/12/14 7:15am 3/12/14 7:15am

"Save the Children" Makes a Dystopian Short Film

A new ad by NGO Save the Children imagines a modern day London ravaged by war. Can science fiction convince people to help the children of real, war-torn countries? » 3/05/14 9:30am 3/05/14 9:30am

So polio is a thing again in war-ravaged Syria

The vacuous anti-vaccine movement should take notice of what's going on in Syria. After less than three years of civil war, polio is on the rise — a stark reminder of what happens when societies collapse. » 11/07/13 8:40am 11/07/13 8:40am

The demographic science behind the 92,901 reported deaths in Syria

Today the UN released a chilling and very specific number of people who have died in Syria since violence broke out there in March 2011. 92,901 people are dead as a result of the Assad government crackdown on rebels. To get a number this exact, you need to use science. Call it the demographics of death. » 6/13/13 5:37pm 6/13/13 5:37pm

Yes, Captain Kirk would intervene in Syria

A debate broke out over at Foreign Policy magazine when John Arquilla, a professor of defense analysis, argued that the Prime Directive should be our model for non-intervention in Syria. Now Foreign Policy writer Michael Peck has a snappy rejoinder, arguing that Kirk would join the revolutionaries. » 5/01/13 5:36pm 5/01/13 5:36pm

Mysterious desert kites were the ancient world's slaughterhouses

These are the remains of a "desert kite", a giant animal corral built out of stones some 5,500 years ago. They were effectively the world's first slaughterhouses, as dozens of animals at a time were herded inside and killed. » 4/19/11 3:41pm 4/19/11 3:41pm