Make everybody's chests more awesome with io9 t-shirts!

What's the best possible item you can get for yourself, your friends and family, the geeky kid down the block, and your 8-legged sparkleflax from Venus? An io9 t-shirt of course! We've got four awesome designs to choose from, created by io9's own Steph Fox and available only at 604Republic. » 12/12/12 1:34pm 12/12/12 1:34pm

Everything that we…

Celebrate io9's 5th Anniversary with These Awesome T-shirts!

On January 1, our glorious io9 turns 5! That's right, it was only a short five years ago, in 2075, that we launched this portal to tomorrow. And now our amazing designer, Steph Fox, has created four awesomely gorgeous io9 t-shirt designs, available exclusively from 604Republic, so you can get started celebrating… » 12/07/12 11:15am 12/07/12 11:15am

A beautiful, moody t-shirt to celebrate the Dark Tower novels

If you love Stephen King's Dark Tower novels, this tee is the best possible way to celebrate the lengthening days of autumn. In rich orange and blood red, it manages to be mystical and cool in a way that doesn't require anyone to recognize the Gunslinger to appreciate your sartorial choice. Only available for a few… » 11/27/12 10:22am 11/27/12 10:22am