This wall-climbing robot is half tank, half gecko

The ranks of wall-climbing robots are increasing in number. A team of Canadian engineers from Simon Fraser University have combined what they describe as gecko-inspired "fibrillar dry adhesives" with track wheels, to create a modular, tank-like robot that can scale walls and even transfer from horizontal to vertical… » 11/02/11 3:46pm 11/02/11 3:46pm

It's 1980, And You're Commanding A Tank On Another Planet

Ever wanted to pilot a tank on an alien world while blasting enemies and flying saucers to bits? Well, once upon a time in 1980, that was possible. And when Battlezone comes out on Xbox Live tomorrow, you can do it all over again. The new game will include both the updated online multiplayer version, and the original… » 4/15/08 3:45pm 4/15/08 3:45pm

A Lovely Autumn Walk in the Park with a Robotank

That hulking tankbot might look scary as hell if he were all alone, but somehow those falling leaves make the piece seem calm and serene. Bizarre, isn't it? German concept artist Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe loves robots, gaming, and creating art. He's got everything from concept art, to finished digital designs to his own… » 4/01/08 11:40am 4/01/08 11:40am