True Blood's Rutina Wesley Tells Io9 She's Not The Huxtables

I was staunchly against the Tara Thornton character and her sassy attitude at the beginning of Alan Ball's HBO vampire series True Blood »11/20/08 7:07pm11/20/08 7:07pm, but Rutina Wesley has slowly won me over with her quick delivery and ability to lighten up Tara's downward spiral. But I guess showing up drunk to a party in your high school prom…


Triumphant Return of Polar Ship, After 500 Days Stuck in Ice

Late last week, the science ship Tara returned from its mission to study climate change in the polar ice region. Here it is, about to dock in Norwegian Spitzberg. Its long journey through the polar region left it deliberately stuck in ice off the coast of Siberia for 500 days. If you look at the photograph below, of… »1/28/08 4:10pm1/28/08 4:10pm