Nine new species of technicolor, tree-climbing tarantulas discovered

Tarantulas can be found all over the world. If you live in North America, there's a good chance that any tarantula you've crossed paths with has been brown, but more vibrant-looking variations do exist. Case in point: Typhochlaena costae, one of the many species of South American tree-climbing tarantulas described in… »11/01/12 4:49pm11/01/12 4:49pm

This time-lapse video of a tarantula molting will give you spontaneous arachnophobia

If you're an arthropod, molting your exoskeleton is one of those uncomfortable realities of life. (Hello, spider crab!) Just ask this Burgundy Goliath Birdeater tarantula (Theraphosa stirmi), who can rock up to an 11-inch legspan. Even this critter must discard his exoskeleton every so often — here's some footage of… »9/12/12 5:35pm9/12/12 5:35pm