Learn to speak Thark with Willem Dafoe, the alien king of John Carter

In John Carter, the ruling Thark king (or Jeddak) Tars Tarkas is probably the most conflicted creatures on the entire red planet. And at the John Carter press day, we sat down with Willem Dafoe — the man behind the giant alien monster — to get to the root of Tars' misery. Meet some baby Tharks and learn a little… »3/01/12 1:20pm3/01/12 1:20pm


Your first look at Woola and Tars Tarkas from John Carter

Six new photos of the upcoming Martian epic John Carter have recently hit the web. They're not huge (and about a third of them involve Gambit idly staring at stuff, didn't know Edgar Rice Burroughs invented the character, Marvel must have picked him up in public domain) but they do offer glimpses of Carter's loyal pet… »11/26/11 4:50pm11/26/11 4:50pm