Ben Kingsley Steals Ryan Reynolds' Body In First Selfless Trailer

Behold the first trailer for Tarsem (The Cell, The Fall) Singh's return to scifi — Selfless, a story about how Ben Kingsley wants to live forever in the body of Ryan Reynolds. Who wouldn't, AMIRITE? » 3/04/15 9:25am 3/04/15 9:25am

Maleficent Isn't A Good Movie, But I Love It Anyway

There are plenty of problems with Disney's Maleficence. The pacing. The tone. The CG overload. The weak humor. The tortured backstory. The lack of any real connection to Sleeping Beauty. But you know what? I love this movie. I'm going to buy the DVD and watch it over and over. » 5/30/14 9:00am 5/30/14 9:00am

Tarsem Singh's next movie sounds insane, in a good way

The Cell and Mirror Mirror director Tarsem Singh has found a new project to put his unique stamp on. And it sounds a little nutty, but maybe this could pull him out of his recent rut. Titled The Panopticon, the thriller follows a character who receives a message from his future self, urging him to stop the coming… » 8/08/13 4:20pm 8/08/13 4:20pm

Mirror Mirror: Better Than Its Awful Trailers, But Still Garbage

We've all seen the campy trailers for Mirror Mirror, featuring Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. The TV spots, in particular, have looked kind of embarrassing, full of "little people" pot shots and dated gags. But the actual movie? Is surprisingly fun, even if none of the characters is developed beyond the hemlines of… » 3/30/12 1:34pm 3/30/12 1:34pm

Watch Tarsem Singh's beautiful, Bollywood channeling dance-off in …

We've always suspected that Tarsem Singh's take on Snow White would end in a great big colorful joygasm. Behold the variegated explosion in these five clips from Mirror Mirror, including a rollicking remix of Googoosh's "I Believe in Love!" This fairy tale just looks ridiculously fun. Mirror Mirror will hit theaters… » 3/13/12 7:00am 3/13/12 7:00am

Watch Julia Roberts go full Schlockula Evil Queen in Tarsem Singh's…

Last week, we showed you the gothic trailer for the dark fantasy Snow White movie — now take a look at a fairytale trailer that's the exact opposite. Watch Tarsem Singh's ridiculous Mirror Mirror! and behold Julia Roberts as she splashes about in a Olympic-sized pool of cheese wizzy slapstick and Scarface jokes. » 11/15/11 3:50pm 11/15/11 3:50pm

Michael Fassbender reveals his hopes for the next X-Men movie. Plus get…

Doctor Who will air a new mini-episode this Friday. The special effects wizard behind 2001 and Blade Runner has plans for a space epic. Joseph Gordon-Levitt says The Dark Knight Rises isn't messing around. Plus what's Tarsem Singh's dream project? » 11/15/11 6:00am 11/15/11 6:00am

Stephen Dorff explains why he's the Han Solo of Immortals

We recently chatted with Stephen Dorff about his role in Tarsem Singh's Greek gods epic Immortals. He explained why he saw his character — a hungry, horny thief and escaped slave — as the perfect antidote to the sometimes stuffy world of the gods. » 11/11/11 1:50pm 11/11/11 1:50pm

In Immortals, you'll upskirt the gods — and you'll like it

Filmmaker Tarsem Singh can make slaughtering animals look pretty, so imagine what he can do with genuinely pretty things. You'll have your answer when you see Immortals this weekend. This flick truly embodies the gorgeous excess of the Greek myths it retells, filling the screen with beautiful people in sumptuous… » 11/11/11 10:04am 11/11/11 10:04am

Mickey Rourke tells us why Immortals isn't some "Marvel piece of crap"

Mickey Rourke was the best thing about Iron Man 2, and now he's wreaking havoc in a bear-tooth hat in The Immortals. How does he go about creating such memorably batshit villains? We were lucky enough to speak with him one on one recently, and he told us his evil secrets. » 11/10/11 2:00pm 11/10/11 2:00pm

Finally, a clip that shows Tarsem Singh bringing his uniquely…

The previews for Immortals have included lots of gorgeous imagery — but not much carnage. At last, though, the studio has released a fight scene that shows off director Tarsem Singh's eye for bloodshed, which we all fell in love with in The Cell. Watch as a bunch of Gods dressed as male strippers split a group of… » 11/09/11 8:40am 11/09/11 8:40am

New Immortals clips are so vivid, you can almost taste the oiled torsos

Holy sepiatoned nipples! We've got six new clips from new Tarsem Singh's mythological epic Immortals — plus one exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how they built the massive sets our waxed-Adonises heroes would wrestle in. » 11/02/11 3:25pm 11/02/11 3:25pm

Julia Roberts gives her best Evil Queen face in Tarsem Singh's Snow…

You've seen the Game of Thronesy images from Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman — now look upon the infinitely more wacky Snow White production, from The Cell director Tarsem Singh. » 10/06/11 12:40pm 10/06/11 12:40pm

Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. Lily Collins as Snow White.

The gods demand blood, in epic new Immortals art

Tarsem Singh's epic "war of the gods" film Immortals isn't all running and jumping and chest waxing. No, there's also lots of bright red mortal blood spilled! Take a look at the carnage, in an exclusive video and preview pages from the movie's graphic novel tie-in. » 9/29/11 3:30pm 9/29/11 3:30pm

In new Immortals footage, the gods are young, pissed off, and…

Tarsem Singh's Immortals just screened a bunch of new footage, including an absolutely epic extended fight scene between gods and monsters. Disemboweling and decapitation have never looked so visually striking. Read on for our spoiler-y description of the footage! » 7/23/11 3:00pm 7/23/11 3:00pm

New Immortals trailer heralds the hairless, greased up war of the Gods

The more we see of Tarsem Singh's beefy Technicolor Greek mythology movie Immortals, the more we want to splash in the streaming fountain of homoerotic joy. Check out the latest trailer for Immortals. » 6/27/11 10:38am 6/27/11 10:38am

New Immortals character posters show off Mickey Rourke's violent bunny…

There's a lot of questions surrounding Tarsem Singh's epic mythological undertaking. We know it will be colorful, and visually astounding... but can this director rein in actor Mickey Rourke? The trailer says yes, but this helmet says no. » 6/21/11 4:36pm 6/21/11 4:36pm

New HD trailer for Tarsem Singh's Immortals looks like the Sistine…

You've seen the leaked footage — now behold the demented brain-droppings from Tarsem Singh's Immortals in high definition. Which includes a shrieking modern-day movie fresco. What wonders this mind brings. But will the plot hold up to the pretty? » 4/27/11 1:12pm 4/27/11 1:12pm

Thank the Gods! First Glimpse of the Trailer for Tarsem Singh's…

Release the giant metal bunny hat! Watch Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorff and Mickey Rourke pound their oiled chests in the first ever video from Tarsem Singh's mythic movie Immortals. » 4/26/11 11:00am 4/26/11 11:00am