The Tasmanian tiger's fierce reputation was all a myth

Forensic science shows that the reputation of the 'Tasmanian tiger' was much inflated. The creatures used to roam through mainland Australia, but humans drove them to the island of Tasmnania. There, they gained a reputation as hunters of the sheep that were the livelihood of many local farmers. A bounty was put out on… »9/02/11 10:00am9/02/11 10:00am


Resurrecting the Extinct Tasmanian Tiger from Preserved DNA

The Tasmanian Tiger was wiped out decades ago, but some scientists from Australia have a mad plan to resurrect the wolf-like marsupials and reintroduce them to their original habitat. We may still be decades away from Jurassic Park, but these researchers did successfully implant Tasmanian Tiger DNA into a mouse and… »5/23/08 11:00am5/23/08 11:00am