Tate Modern Exhibit Imagines London’s Apocalyptic End

Step into Turbine Hall in London's Tate Modern and you are immediately greeted by the sound of pounding rain and a giant spider looming over rows of cage-like dormitory beds. It's all part of “TH.2058” Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s new interactive installation, an apocalyptic vision set 50 years in the future. In this… » 10/13/08 2:00pm 10/13/08 2:00pm

Tate Modern's Innovative Crack

Colombian artist Doris Salcedo thought she was doing good for humanity when she created Shibboleth, an installation consisting of a giant crack that cuts through the pavement in front of London's Tate Modern. The crack, made with concrete and steel mesh, is intended to represent the fragility of the ideologies… » 11/30/07 10:30am 11/30/07 10:30am