Tatooine-Like Planets May Be More Common Than We Thought

For decades, astronomers have assumed that Earth-like planets cannot form around binary stars on account of wacky gravitational effects. Which, for Star Wars fans, was a total downer. But a new study suggests that not only is the formation of Tatooine-like planets very much possible, they may actually be quite common. »4/01/15 3:11pm4/01/15 3:11pm


Computer models show how Tatooine-like planets with two suns form

Over the past several years, astronomers have discovered a number of planets within so-called circumbinary systems, including Kepler-34(AB)b — a planet reminiscent of Star Wars' Tatooine. Now, using computer models, scientists have finally figured out how these planets can form in such gravitationally hostile… »2/03/14 10:40am2/03/14 10:40am

Tatooine Could Be Real, but Needs a Jovian Neighbor Scientists Say

Luke Skywalker's home planet, which orbits a binary star system, could be out there, according to Ryosuke Kita of Northwestern University, who presented this morning at the Astrobiology Science Conference 2008. Of the 200 or so star systems where we've found planets, about 20 percent are binary systems, and that… »4/16/08 4:40pm4/16/08 4:40pm