​2500 Year-Old Tattooed Siberian Mummy Had Breast Cancer, Used Marijuana

In 1993, Russian scientist Natalia Polosmak discovered the remains of a 25-year-old woman covered in tattoos who came to be known as the Ukok Princess. Now, an MRI has revealed that the young woman was suffering from breast cancer as well as a bone marrow infection at the time of her death, and scientists have stated… » 10/18/14 6:20pm 10/18/14 6:20pm

Iron Man battles his most obsessed fanboy in new IM3 deleted scene

Iron Man 3 doesn't hit DVD and Blu-ray until September 24th, but deleted scenes and extras are leaking out — like these alternate versions of Tony Stark's encounter with his #1 fan Gary (played by Happy Endings' Adam Pally). I'm pretty Stark would rather deal with Whiplash again than look at that tattoo. » 8/19/13 9:40am 8/19/13 9:40am

Tattoo shop comes up with a legitimately clever use for QR codes

QR codes are one of those technologies where the execution just hasn't lived up to the concept. But every now and then, someone comes up with a cool application of those little black squares. Berrge Tattoo in Istanbul uses this newspaper ad to make sure their tattoo artist applicants at least have the fine motor… » 2/23/13 1:00pm 2/23/13 1:00pm

This woman is made of star stuff, and so are you

I'm loving this side panel tattoo of an internal spiral galaxy. It belongs to Valentene Peinhardt, who tells Carl Zimmer her corporeal star systems were inspired by Carl Sagan's Cosmos: » 1/28/13 6:40am 1/28/13 6:40am

Bite tattooed Bender's shiny ink-covered ass

After being convicted for grand theft everything and leaving his cushy (if potentially deadly) job at Planet Express, Bender decides to cover every inch of his chassis with tattoos. All that ink pays tribute both to Bender's robotic roots and his package delivery adventures. » 6/03/12 7:00am 6/03/12 7:00am

Neil Gaiman writes a poem for a fan's tattoo

Plenty of folks have a quote from a favorite author or a favorite artist's work tattooed on their skin. But what if you could get your favorite artists to design a tattoo especially for you? One fan asked Neil Gaiman to write a comic for his back tattoo, and Gaiman agreed. » 5/27/12 10:00am 5/27/12 10:00am

Tattoos could help diabetics track their blood sugar

Many diabetics endure daily finger pricks to test their blood sugar levels. But advances in nanotechnology could soon mean that diabetics need endure the needle only once: to get a glucose-tracking tattoo. » 5/28/10 11:00am 5/28/10 11:00am

The Creature From The Black Lagoon Rises Again, With A Director!

It would seem that all the original monsters are getting remade, what with the vampire surplus and and Wolf Man movie, it's only fair that the Creature should get his turn. And now he will. And it might be good! » 12/16/09 6:30am 12/16/09 6:30am

Tattoos That Say 'I'm A Futuristic Bad-Ass'

Click to viewSome of the coolest characters in science fiction sport bad-ass tattoos that signify membership in a secret society. And if you're a futuristic assassin, there's nothing like having some ink on your face to set you apart from the regular tough guys. It's amazing how much character development movies and… » 10/23/08 5:09pm 10/23/08 5:09pm

Become A Post-Human Tentacle Monster Today!

When the mutants rise up and start culling the inferior humans from the population, you'll need some protective coloration to survive. So now is a perfect time to prepare, by shoving disc-shaped silicone implants under your skin to look like a half-octopus mutant. A post-human fashion statement is just a short trip to… » 2/13/08 4:00pm 2/13/08 4:00pm

Get Innoculated at Your Local Tattoo Vaccine Parlor

Tattoos may provide the vaccines of the future. A new study shows that using a vibrating tattoo needle to deliver vaccine produces 16 times more antibodies than a typical injection, which goes into muscle tissue. So will we be going down to our local tattoo parlors to get vaccine serum tattoos instead of ink? Not a… » 2/07/08 12:00pm 2/07/08 12:00pm