How to Combine Real-World Military Action with Elves and Anti-Gravity:…

Three authors of military science fiction and fantasy — Jack Campbell (The Lost Fleet), Taylor Anderson (the Destroyermen series), and Myke Cole (Shadow Ops) — gathered in a packed house for the "Accelerate to Attack Speed" panel. In a conversation with their moderator, Ace/Roc editor Ginjer Buchanan, they discussed… » 10/17/11 2:46pm 10/17/11 2:46pm

Great Moments In Alternate History: The Land Before Time

The Earth existed for four billion or so years before humans showed up and started recording history. Why limit ourselves to the what-ifs of the past few thousands years? In these alternate reality tales, continents and dinosaur empires rise and fall. » 5/02/10 9:00am 5/02/10 9:00am