Why isn't science fiction used more often to teach science in schools?

Among the many things that can be said about science fiction, there's no question about its tremendous entertainment value and ability to convey difficult concepts in a clear and compelling manner. Which is why a pair of researchers from the University of Valencia are urging educators to get their act together and… »10/05/12 8:00pm10/05/12 8:00pm

Pokemon teacher's stamp rewards students before shoving them back in their Pokeballs

If you've already invested in the Gandalf stamp to gleefully mark the papers of failing students, then you might want keep this Pokemon stamp on hand for when your pupils actually study. Etsy seller Jocelyn does it again with a fresh round of self-inking stamp geekery. This one will set you back $12. [Etsy via BuzzFeed »3/11/12 2:30pm3/11/12 2:30pm