Do tears of grief look different from onion tears under a microscope?

You may joke that, when something sad brings a tear to your eye, someone is chopping onions in the room. But if you compared those two types of tears under a microscope, would they look similar? » 11/24/13 7:30am 11/24/13 7:30am

Chris Hadfield shows us why it's uncomfortable to cry in space

Chris Hadfield's series of videos showing us how various activities work in space is endlessly fascinating and sometimes a little strange. In this video, he shows us what happens when you cry in space without gravity to make your tears fall. » 4/06/13 3:00pm 4/06/13 3:00pm

Monsters season their meat with salt made from human tears

What do the creatures from your closet use to add a floral quality to their chocolate souffle? The lavender-scented salts derived the tears of human sorrow. If they want more of a kick to their meat, they may choose the peppery salt from tears of sneezing, or the powerful salt from tears of anger. » 5/26/12 12:30pm 5/26/12 12:30pm

Stan Lee's New Mission: To Make British Children Cry

The British version of Stan Lee's reality TV series Who Wants To Be A Superhero is under fire for sending many hopeful super-kids in tears. Oh Stan, how could you? » 3/03/09 11:50am 3/03/09 11:50am