​What Was Your Most Disappointing New Technological Purchase Ever?

Being an early adopter has its rewards (you get to try things first!) and its challenges, namely the bought-in-haste, but ultimately terrible, tech that you are now that not-at-all proud owner of. Today, we want to know about the most disappointing, useless new technology you ever regretted buying. » 1/08/15 6:55am 1/08/15 6:55am

What Unforgettably Terrible Tech Were You Happiest To See Disappear?

Some old products inspire their own little cult of nostalgia long after they're gone (who wouldn't still want to receive a telegram?) and some merely disappear, forgotten. And then there's a third category of things that you really just can't believe managed to hang around for as long as they did. » 10/07/14 7:20am 10/07/14 7:20am

How the Tech Industry Is Quietly Changing the Face of American Cities

When Steve Jobs presented the initial design for his donut-like headquarters to the Cupertino City Council, in 2011, he described the building as a reaction against suburban office parks. “We’ve come up with a design that puts 12,000 people in one building; which sounds a bit odd,” he said. “But we’ve seen these… » 6/18/13 6:42pm 6/18/13 6:42pm

Google's Earth Day Doodle is all kinds of wrong

If there's one thing I love more than octopuses, octopodes and octopi (all of which are perfectly acceptable pluralizations of the word octopus, thank you very much), it's pedantry. And good grief, does Phil Plait ever serve up a whopping helping of the stuff in reaction to today's Earth-Day themed Google Doodle. » 4/22/13 12:20pm 4/22/13 12:20pm

The most useless machine on Earth gets an upgrade

When Wired posted its list of "The World's Most Annoying Technologies" a few weeks back, "The Most Useless Machine" (a box with a toggle switch, which, when flipped, causes a mechanical nubbin to emerge from inside the box, flip the switch back, then retreat back inside the box) didn't even get an honorable mention. » 1/02/13 7:30am 1/02/13 7:30am

Map of the Pope's followers on Twitter confirms: Earth is rife with…

More than one billion people around the world call themselves members of the Catholic Church, but as of December 8th, only 546,765 of them were following Pope Benedict XVI on Twitter (nom de tweet: @pontifex). Here's how Catholicism's truly faithful followers are spread out around the world. » 12/19/12 8:40am 12/19/12 8:40am

Here is the biggest goddamn snow blower you've ever seen

Add this to your ever-growing list of things you never knew existed but now desperately need: a BNSF rotary snow blower. The video up top is of a model currently in operation clearing railroad tracks in Aurora, NE, but you'll find them all over the country, churning through formidable heaps of tightly packed snow… » 12/14/12 12:40pm 12/14/12 12:40pm