Is light a particle, a wave, or a bunch of tiny, photon-gathering horses?

Check out the wave-particle duality as presented by Colm Kelleher and animated by Nelson Diaz for TEDEd; it's a clever explanation to a longtime quantum conundrum. Even better: it's delivered with a lilting Irish accent — which makes the historical bit about the eye-horses that much more entertaining. »1/21/13 9:40am1/21/13 9:40am

Everything You Need to Know About Gravity in One Five-Minute Animation

All right — so maybe not everything, but this expertly crafted animation is easily one of the most lucid and entertaining introductions to gravitational forces we've ever come across. Too busy to watch the five minute crash course? (You're not; just watch it.) Here's the upshot: everything is attracted to everything… »9/18/12 4:56pm9/18/12 4:56pm

TED launches a groundbreaking online education initiative

Last month, the folks at TED announced their new education initiative. They call it "TED-Ed," and it's part of a brand new platform designed to "capture and amplify the voice of the world's greatest teachers" in the form of short, sharp, animated videos. On Wednesday, TED-Ed took a big step forward by unveiling the… »4/28/12 3:30pm4/28/12 3:30pm