A space squid battle to remember . . . on a t-shirt!

It's a space squid vs. a retro rocket! And it's a luminous, beautiful, funny tee designed by Kevlar51 to add to your collection. If you're in the States, your excuse is that it's Memorial Day, and you should have this shirt to honor the brave souls who gave their lives in the deadly space battles during the early… » 5/28/12 8:36am 5/28/12 8:36am

Knight Vs. Cyberdragon ASCII Art Tee Is Burnanatingly Awesome

If you're a fan of dragons and retro computer art, then you won't want to miss this tee - it combines the best of D&D with the best of ASCII art. » 1/13/10 7:00am 1/13/10 7:00am

Support Your Candidate for Scifi President of the United States

It's just not an election season here in the United States — it's smartass t-shirt season. To celebrate the fact that fictional people and monsters would probably make better presidents than the real-life humans currently running, we've got a few choices for scifi presidential swag for you. First up is the lovely … » 5/14/08 7:00am 5/14/08 7:00am