Who's The Most Obnoxious Fictional Teenager Of All Time?

It's hard to be a teenager. Everybody wants to shape you in their own image, other kids are horrible, and your hormones are running out of control. So it's only fair that fiction reflects the turbulence of adolesence — but sometimes, it goes too far. Who's the most aggravating adolescent in science fiction or fantasy? »8/05/14 5:26pm8/05/14 5:26pm

Science proves blogging is therapeutic — at least for teenagers

We hear a lot about the downside of plugged-in teenagers — the anxiety the experience on social media, sexting, cyberbullying — but that doesn't mean that teens don't feel some psychological benefits from all that time spent online. In fact, a recent study found that good old fashioned blogging can actually function… »1/29/12 8:30pm1/29/12 8:30pm