Instructions on How to use a Telephone, from 1917

When the telephone was first introduced to households and offices, many of the procedures and courtesies that we take for granted weren't intuitive. In fact, a lot of newbie phone users experienced stage fright upon picking up the receiver. In order to help people adjust to this radical new technology, the Chesapeake… » 9/23/12 10:00am 9/23/12 10:00am

The Romantic Shenanigans of Alexander Graham Bell

The ostensible topic of Seth Shulman's new book, The Telephone Gambit, is how Alexander Graham Bell cheated his way into owning the phone patent. Apparently Bell copied research from his chief rival for the lucrative patent, Elisha Gray. This revelation isn't particularly stunning in our era of patent litigation and… » 1/03/08 7:20am 1/03/08 7:20am