First grader with severe allergies uses his robot to attend school

We recently told you about telecommuting robots and how stay-at-home workers are increasingly using such devices to create a virtual presence at their remote workplaces. It now appears, however, that working professionals aren't the only ones taking advantage of telepresence technologies: A six-year old boy with… » 9/25/12 3:00pm 9/25/12 3:00pm

Robot Repair Team Keeps Satellites Spinning

A lot of the satellites we depend on for modern life » 10/03/08 8:30am 10/03/08 8:30am are in high orbits, beyond the reach of Earth-based repair missions. It would be prohibitively expensive, if not impossible, to send a team of astronauts up there. As a result, when those satellites fail or run out of fuel, they become space junk, and billions of…