Get Your Own Galileoscope For The ‘International Year of Light’

Remember the wonderful Galileoscopes that were developed in 2009 for the International Year of Astronomy? This high-quality, low-cost telescope kit is back for the 2015 International Year of Light (IYL), and new inventory is now available for delivery worldwide. Plus, thanks to generous donations to support science… » 5/14/15 1:20pm 5/14/15 1:20pm

The ALMA telescope has just made its first major discovery

Today is inauguration day for ALMA, the massive telescopic array that’s still under construction in Chile’s Atacama Desert. But just because it’s not finished doesn’t mean astronomers haven’t been using it. The $1.5 billion telescope has just peered into the deepest realms of the universe, revealing some of the most… » 3/13/13 2:07pm 3/13/13 2:07pm

The Earth's most powerful telescope goes online next week

We are about to see what happens when stars come to life. On March 13, the Atacama Large Millimeter/Sub Millimeter Array (ALMA) goes online. It's the most powerful such telescope ever built, and is part of a class of "very large telescopes" that combine the power of several massive antennae to gather information… » 3/08/13 5:00pm 3/08/13 5:00pm

Get Ready For The World's Largest Optical Telescope

The European Southern Observatory has given the initial go-ahead to build the world's largest optical/infrared telescope in the world. Called the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), the Chilean-based telescope will provide insights into the earliest formation of planetary systems and the potential for life to… » 6/13/12 12:20pm 6/13/12 12:20pm