A Closer Look At Our New Robot Foes From Terminator 4

The future of the human race is looking pretty grim in John Connor's world — especially with all the new-fangled robots director McG is populating the post-Judgment Day world with. We took a closer look at the trailer for Terminator Salvation, and examined each of the new robotic enemies humanity will have to face.… »7/17/08 11:20am7/17/08 11:20am

Sarah Connor Chronicles Wants To Be Battlestar Galactica

Sarah Connor's uppercut to her ex-shrink's jaw was one of the most satisfying moments in last night's episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That annoying psychiatrist who kept Sarah drugged and locked up in Terminator 2 finally apologizes to her for being such a jack-ass (after he's just torched an FBI… »2/26/08 4:30pm2/26/08 4:30pm